Copy of Testimonials


Hey Smack! Zeus was a sad little pup of 6 months when we adopted him, very thin with no interest in food - even treats. I bought every food available, cooked for him, hand fed him, fed wet cat food, porridge, even baby food. At two years old he was 12 pounds underweight and had recurring digestive complication. Research offered no new ideas and the vet was left scratching his head. We tested everything we could think of. In August 2012, I discovered Smack, and liked what I read and thought I'd give it a try. I was absolutely amazed. I mixed it 1:1 with the regular food and fed until Zeus quit eating. 5 cups later, Zeus was finally full and wanted only to sleep. I was sure he’d be sick, but no such thing. This dog who never was curious about his dish was suddenly constantly checking to see if there was anything in it. And, if he didn't finish everything, he was protective of his dish. Even though it's a raised dish that the little ones can't reach, Zeus would lay in front to keep them away. Five short months later, Zeus continues to eat very well and seems to have settled on 62 pounds as a steady weight, a gain of 12 pounds. Dog kisses are great. All four no longer have bad breath. This has changed my life as there is no more constant worry about Zeus. I can cuddle with him and not be cuddling hair covered bones. This is my story and I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to have found Smack. Pretty sure Zeus is grateful too, as he now looks forward to meal time and will tell me when I am late in serving his dinner.

- Val Sinclair, Owner of Hair Off The Dog

The Gold Lead

My dogs are my constant companions ---- I train them, compete with them, cherish their companionship. As such, I also want the very best for them and a very important part of "the best" is good, wholesome, nutrition. Not only do my dogs love "Smack", I love what it does for them in terms of good coat, good energy and general good health.

My Belgian Traveren "Draco" absolutely loves Smack! When I put raw chicken necks and backs on top of his bowl of Very Berry Chicken, he picked them up and put them aside to eat the Smack first! Recently, I have had occasion to visit their facility ---- I can assure you that your food is made with the utmost of care and concern for your pet, in an incredibly hygienic environment.

- Sharon Hobbs, RN, BScN, M.Ba, Owner of The Gold Lead |

JurHaus GSD

My dogs are all dearly loved faimly companions and spend most of their time playing with kids or laying around the house. However, they also enjoy many extracurricular activities and have received high honors and awards in the show ring, herding arena, lour coursing fields, and the hearts of many. My German Shepherds easily maintain top physical condition, regardless of age and require very little grooming - they especially enjoy the Caribbean-Salmon Fusion recipe. I believe that when your dog is getting everything their body requires for them to excel in whatever endeavor, you can truly see it in their eyes. I would recommend Smack as your first building block to getting your dogs' health on track.

- Deanne Jur, JurHaus German Shepherds, Past President of German Shepherd Dog Club Manitoba

Zircon Kennels has owned and bred Bull Terriers for over 10 years. Our dogs are house-raised and all dogs can run together on our acreage. Our commitment to this breed stems down to breeding the very best quality Bull Terriers we possibly can. That comes down to having them on the perfect diet so that they look and feel their very best at all times, especially during the stressful times of being on the show circuit travelling extensively across North America. All our dogs are on Smack and the results have been absolutely wonderful. Their coats are so shiny and rich in colour. They're not as gassy and their stools are firm. Plus, their teeth and breath are much better. We are believers.

- Cindy & Kevin Mowez, Owners of Zircon Kennel

I am, along with G & I. Dupsyk, the owners of Ernie (BIF Can Ch Rivendell-Chopae Don't Rock the Jukebox HIC JHD) and Kaylah (RFF/RMF Ch. Rivendell's All Eyez on Me HIC SJATD). Ernie took his first Canadian Championship at the Assiniboine Kennel Show in April, 2010. Ernie also took 1st Intermediate futurity Male in the South Pacific Futurity in Vallejo, California, and most recently GSD Club of Canada Central Region Best in Futurity on August 7, 2010. I love the convenience to travel with Smack and of all the raw, gluten-free holistic foods I have tried, Smack has been the best. My one dog in particular - though he still has allergies - is not suffering like he did before and his coat is beautiful. My other 2 family and show dogs' coats are gorgeous especially after they blow coat and, the shine is great! I especially like Caribbean-Salmon Fusion - the ingredients are great! The dogs eagerly eat their food, I feed less, and of course, the waste is minimal to clean up. This is just a fabulous product!

- Christine Armstrong, Director of Community Services for St John Ambulance, Past Vice President of German Shepherd Dog Club Manitoba

I found Smack Pet Food quite early on during their development in hopes to carry the product on my online store. From what I could tell, the product looked and sounded great. I had tried other raw dehydrated foods and Smack seemed that much better. I was right. Though disappointed I was unable to get product while they expanded their facility, I waited patiently and finally received my first shipment. I have been selling Smack ever since. I also feed both my dogs the Caribbean-Salmon Fusion every day. And while on the road at dog shows, I bring along a bag of Chunky Chicken or Very Berry Chicken. The food is wholesome, smells great and leaves my dogs feeling satisfied!

- Sarah Fenwick

We at Moravian Kennels have been breeding and training dogs for 30 years now. We would like to make a few comments about Smack. To boost the energy level and to enrich their diet with extra vitamins of our German Boxer female, which was studded last week and English Bull Terrier male who will be studding next week, we started preparing Smack Pet Food. Oh boy, what a difference it made! Our female's coat became more shiny and she looks more solid than ever before. Our Bull Terrier male is full of energy and he seems more relaxed and in better condition than ever before. I am 100% positive that this kind of food can not only make your dog happy and fulfill his or her needs but also boost up the physical and mental being to the level you've always desired. The quality of Smack Pet Food prevails over and defeats the quality of any other dog food. We are supporters of natural, healthy, grain-free diets. We are fully staying behind this Canadian Made, local product. Your dog will reward you with a more happy, healthy, and satisfying lifestyle and longer life.

- Jasna & Karel, Owners of Moravian Kennel

In December 2007, my husband and I brought home our two 7 week old Labrador puppies. Wanting the best for them, we began feeding them a high end kibble. No matter what type of kibble or what type of feeding regimen, they both had an upset stomach on a regular basis, with bouts of gas and diarrhea, resulting in dehydration. Their unhappiness was obvious and they weren't putting on the weight we expected them to as young pups. Discussions with our vet were helpful, but every remedy attempted was only a temporary fix and the same symptoms always came back. After all other attempts failed our trainer suggested we try a raw food diet with our dogs which included supplemental feedings of Smack Pet Food. Not only did all of our puppies miserable symptoms disappear but they were happier boys with softer, shinier coats. For a similar cost to the kibble we were buying, our dogs are now healthier and happier, and as puppy parents we couldn't be more greatful! Thanks for everything!

- Kim & Craig

Hi Michael, thank you again for letting me try out your great food! Here is my progress report for my three dogs: Breath - Noticeably fresher for all dogs, particularly Kitsy. Eyes - Started out clear and remained clear for Babe and Kitsy; for Emma, she had a bit of goopy eyes which have since cleared up thanks to now feeding Smack; it was the only change to diet during the evaluation. Stools - While on Smack, were smaller than on kibble, but not dry like when I feed raw; no constipation issues, as I've sometimes had on raw.  Coat - MAJOR improvements on all three dogs!!! This is where I noticed the biggest change in my dogs. All three dogs' coats have a nice smell and are shedding less as well. Weight - No noticeable change - all dogs are slim and stayed slim while on Smack.  Energy - No noticeable change - all dogs are high energy and remained so. Overall Impressions of Smack - Smells great, and looks very earthy, which is appealing; dogs loved it (although Babe didn't like it at FIRST - weird, I know!); dogs did excellent on it; easy to travel with but still stays raw. Would you like me to write something that you could use promotionally?

- Stacie Gottfried