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Fresh pet food...

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Why Choose Smack Pet Food?

Fresh food typically costs 2-5 times as much as our raw dehydrated superfoods.

Fresh food takes up freezer & fridge space - our food is shelf-stable.

Smack Pet Food has never had a recall.

No artificial vitamins or synthetics - the nutrition all comes from the food itself!

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The Smack Process

Family-run and operated in Canada, our raw, dehydrated food is handcrafted with fresh whole meats and organic, high-quality produce. We offer the perfect combination of fresh food in an easy-to-serve format - no fridge or freezer required!

Our recipes are made with human-grade, non-medicated meats (no added hormones), along with non-gmo, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as natural herbs and supplements for your pet's total health.

The Smack Difference

We handcraft all our food with love and care in Winnipeg, Canada. Unlike most fresh food, our recipes are low in carbohydrates - no rice, oats, grains, potatoes or fillers - none of which dogs and cats have a biological requirement for. We use no artificial vitamins or synthetics - only the all-natural good stuff!

We have several formulas and proteins to choose from to introduce variety and keep fussy pets intrigued. Bone broth, warm water or fermented milks can also be added to increase palatability and provide healthy moisture.

Our Ingredients

Our food is made with fresh, whole meats, hand-trimmed ingredients and organic, all-natural produce. We pride ourselves on the quality of our food and the nutrition it provides to our pets.

Our mission is to provide superior pet food products that taste good and deliver benefits to maintain energy, vitality, digestion, and overall pet health. Our products offer maximized health and performance, improved taste and aroma, and reduced illness and shedding for pets – all while maintaining utmost food safety and storage efficiency for pet owners.

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Smack Pet Food is a Canadian-based family business that formulates and manufactures raw dehydrated food for dogs and cats.

Our passion for providing nutritious, convenient, and delicious dehydrated food for pets stems from a family love of animals. Expertise in biochemistry, food engineering, and holistic medicine combined with an innovative production approach allows us to create the highest quality dehydrated pet food in the world. We want the best for our pets to keep them happy, energetic, and full of life!