The Benefits of Apple

Why Opt for Apples in Your Furry Friend's Diet?

Apples, abundant in fiber and vitamins, contribute to your pet's well-being in multiple ways, with the core and seeds being the exception. Today we’re sharing the top four advantages of incorporating apples into your dog's diet.

Healthy Skin and Lustrous Fur 

Apples have a high antioxidant content and are high in carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which helps prevent premature aging and results in a soft vibrant coat for your four-legged buddy.

Dental Well-being

Blueberries are often referred to as "brain berries" due to their cognitive benefits. They are packed with anthocyanins, which have been shown to improve memory and overall brain function. Including blueberries in your pets' meals may contribute to their mental sharpness and cognitive longevity.


Apples can also help your pet avoid stomach problems due to their rich calcium content anti-inflammatory properties. They are renowned among dog owners as a home remedy for diarrhea, acting as an exceptional intestinal regulator. Our dog recipes - Prairie Harvest Pork and Rockin’ Rockfish- and cat recipes - Purrfect Pork and Pacific Fish Feast - include apples in their ingredients, making them ideal for maintaining your pet's gut health.

Weight Health

Apples are also low in calories and fat, making them the perfect treat for your dog. So, let your dog cruch away on a few apple slices while you teach them a new trick.

Incorporating apples into your dog's diet reaps many benefits by providing essential nutrients and bolstering overall well-being. Serving these treats correctly and in appropriate portions is key. Your furry friend is sure to relish them. And, as always, consult your veterinarian when introducing new foods to your dog's diet.

Expolre our Recipes with Apple Ingredients

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