Why feed raw? Your pet will benefit from improved digestion, maintained energy and vitality and overall better health - raw food diets maximize health and performance, reducing illness and shedding in pets. Whether your pup or cat is a picky eater, struggles with allergies and health issues, or you want a long-term preventative plan to avoid costly vet visits, a raw diet can dramatically improve your pet’s health.

Why Choose Smack

First and foremost, it’s lip-smackingly good. Just ask your pet. But Smack has so many more benefits than just great taste. It delivers on the many benefits of feeding raw, all while providing the safety of a dry food, utmost food safety and storage efficiency for pet owners and the ease of kibble feeding. Read more about the amazing benefits of Smack Pet Food below.

We use only the highest quality ingredients

  • All our proteins feature a natural balance of meat, bone, and organs  
  • We know our farmers and suppliers personally and only use wholesome, organic vegetables and fruits
  • We use nothing but GMO-free whole foods with high-nutrient bioavailabilities
  • Our wild BC salmon is free of chemical preservatives and is therefore ethoxyquin-free
  • Our Manitoba-grown chicken is raised without antibiotics, drugs, or added hormones
  • We use only sustainable, wild cold deep-water fish: pacific rockfish & wild pacific herring
  • Our pork is farmed and raised in Canada   

We steer clear of the bad stuff

•   All of our recipes are grain-free, gluten-free, non-GMO

•   We never use potato, corn, wheat or soy

•   We never use synthetic vitamins and minerals

•   We never use any fillers or preservatives

Every recipe is carefully composed

  • Our recipes are well-suited for rotation, so you can try them all!
  • We break down each recipe per ingredient so there’s absolutely no guesswork as to what your pet is eating
  • We formulate Smack according to traditional natural raw food diets with the gained knowledge of the powerful benefits of organic functional foods, the way nature intended!